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October 14, 2003



October 14, 2003 -- GHOST 3D, LLC announced new versions of its suite of comercial 3D modeling, conversion, digitizing and reverse engineering products, including: Power Modeler Pack™, Power Digitizer Pack™, ResErect™, Scribe-iT™ and Surf-iT™. The GHOST 3D products continue to provide new innovative tools for 3D Designers, Engineers, Sculptors, Animators, Artists and professionals in the Film, Games, Television, Design Visualization and Manufacturing industries. New features include optimized surfacing, creation, digitizing, conversion, editing tools, parametric 3D Spline objects, and more.

This year GHOST 3D's has its full suite of software solutions ready with early native integration for the anticipated advent of industry leader Autodesk’s latest 3D Software to be previewed at Siggraph 2003.

GHOST 3D Representatives emphasized continued commitment to extend and enhance their 3D productivity tools. Paul Bloemink, senior director at GHOST 3D, LLC, stated “With the vast improvements in 3D applications this year, we couldn’t be more excited about bringing GHOST 3D’s product technology and workflow to the next level.”

Surf-iT and Power Modeler Pack offer cutting-edge processing speed, quality, and diversity in Spline surface modeling systems for Autodesk 3D applications. GHOST 3D's unique modeling systems and techniques provide 3D modelers, designers, game artists, film animators and engineers the most desirable flexibility in creating 3D content. They offer parametric object creation, surfacing, speedy and intelligent editing, and countless tools to instantly produce clean and desirable 3D surface topology with minimal effort. Most importantly, the objects are created using data that can be converted (using the provided features) to almost any other technology or object type, guaranteeing future usability of the work within the application, and ensuring the output can be exported to popular data file formats. As a result of this flexibility (Mesh, Patch, Spline conversion, native Spline compatibility and surface-like Spline operations), Surf-iT and Power Modeler Pack ensure outstanding content that can be used with virtually any other tools if so desired.

ResErect offers unique Mesh, Patch, Primitive, and Spline conversion to optimized Splines, preservation of animation, rebuilding of the Splines, preparation for surfacing, and special import capability for Hash’s Animation Master patch-based models.

Scribe-iT and Power Digitizer Pack offer CMM device type digitizing, reverse engineering and 3D modeling tools that enable creative professionals to generate beautiful and accurate 3D models and geometry from physical objects. GHOST 3D’s unique and highly acclaimed digitizing tools evangelized the way people use 3D-probe digitizing devices. GHOST 3D provided the premiere interactive manipulation and animation features for 3D digitizing devices on the Windows platform. Evolved from the very first digitizing solution for 3ds max and Autodesk VIZ, Scribe-iT and Power Digitizer Pack are complete solutions for designers, artists and engineers to design, create, animate and even interactively visualize physical objects. The products provide the power and versatility of multiple creation modes, hybrid modeling, conversion and editing techniques, the very best in digitizing documentation, and the ability to incorporate any 3ds max or VIZ modifier into the digitizing process. Scribe-iT and Power Digitizer Pack support MicroScribe digitizers and various FaroArm CMM devices from Faro Technologies Inc.

World class designers, film, games, television and design production professionals credit GHOST 3D modeling products as must-have, powerful and flexible time saving solutions. Professional testimonials from industry leading companies can be found on the company's web site referencing various of GHOST 3D's specialized solutions as powerful, superior and even "godsend" with respect to certain unique features.

Product features, licensing, and upgrade information is available from GHOST 3D’s website at http://www.ghost3d.com.


GHOST 3D, LLC is a California based 3D technology developer, production studio and service bureau (www.ghost3d.com). The company innovates custom techniques and productivity solutions for 3D Modeling and Animation processes, 3D Digitizing, Design, Rapid Prototyping, CAD/CAM extensions, Visualization and 3D Visual Effects. GHOST 3D's 3D modeling and animation solutions are consistently used professionally in product design, entertainment, television and film. The company's founders are responsible for inventing unique 3D digitizing, surfacing and reconstruction solutions that are the first of their kind to be made commercially available to 3D design and animation markets. Subsets of these proprietary technologies and unique methods have been made available via plug-ins for 3ds max, Autodesk VIZ and other platforms. Commercialized products and services are available directly via GHOST 3D's web site, and through worldwide distribution and reseller channels. Founding members have maintained close ties with Autodesk, Discreet, and others, including roles on both the original 3ds max and Character Studio development teams, and through involvement as a design partner (Character Studio is the character animation technology behind the "Dancing Baby" phenomenon). GHOST 3D continues to expand its products and service offerings to a growing number of 3D-related professions and communities through partnerships with industry technology leaders. From the development and marketing of industrial tools and solutions to the generation of creative productions and design, GHOST 3D is immersed in the 3-dimensional digital world.

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