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Product Application Scribe-iT - Capture the World with the Highest Quality 3D Polygon Models (tm)
Scribe-iT (DCC, RE, & CAD for CMMs)
GHOST 3D delivers design engineering applications for industry leaders:   Scribe-iT and FaroArm CMMs were used to create the latest ultra high quality 3D design and marketing modes for Volkswagen's VW cars at http://www.vw.com. See 360 views of the "Touareg" here: http://www.vw.com/touareg/360view/en/us/ ; Additionally, you can view other 3D replicas of VW cars by clicking the "Cars" button in the upper left of the site pages.
Scribe-iT is used to capture data and recreate automobiles made by the finest manufacturer's including Chrysler, Dodge, Audi and others. Technology for Design Engineering
DE Editor's Choice 
Scribe-iT - Wins Desktop Engineering Pick of The Week(tm)
Desktop Engineering Magazine Editor's Pick of the Week:
GHOST 3D's Scribe-iT integrated 3D digitizing Technology for Design Engineering solutions.
Industry News:
Gamasutra: GHOST 3D Releases New Autodesk Design Solutions
by CADWire
(CADWire is a leading CAD and CAM Industry publication and CAD community services organization) Read Full Press Release here...
Industry News:
GHOST 3D's New Digitizing/Modeling/RE Solutions
on eMediaWire / BusinessWire
Read eMediaWire's News Summary here...
Read Full Story about GHOST 3D Digitizing/Modeling/RE Solutions here...
Industry News:
Gamasutra: GHOST 3D Updates Suite of 3D Modeling / Digitizing Plug-ins
by Brandon Boyer
(Gamasutra is a leading Videogame Industry publication and Computer Games community services organization)
Industry News:
Industry News:
GHOST 3D Announces MicroScribe 3D Laser Systems
GHOST 3D Announces MicroScribe 3D Laser Systems
More About This Product...
Industry News: 
GHOST 3D announces new plugin releases
Industry News:
Share CG: Immersion & GHOST 3D to Present New MicroScribe Solutions at SIGGRAPH
by ShareCG.com
(ShareCG is a leading Computer Graphics Industry resource) Read Full Press Release here...
Event: Trade Show
SIGGRAPH: LA Convention Center, Hall J, #2229
GHOST 3D shows ScanLab PCS - Surface Reconstruction tools
Industry News: 
Gamasutra (Game Technology) - 
ScanLab PCS, surface reconstruction technology to be unveiled at Siggraph
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Immersion & GHOST 3D to Present New MicroScribe Solutions
Industry News: 
GHOST 3D Announces Advanced Surface Reconstruction Technology
Technology Announcement:
Industry News:
HEADLINE NEWS: GHOST 3D, LLC Technology Announcment in Top Headline Stories

GHOST 3D Surface Reconstruction Technology

- Full Press Release Copy (please link here):
GHOST 3D Announces Advanced Surface Reconstruction Technology
Industry News:
GHOST 3D Surface Reconstruction Technology
- CAD Industry Headline News (#2 CADWire Story, October)

Full Press Release: GHOST 3D Announces Advanced Surface Reconstruction Technology
Industry News:
GHOST 3D - FARO product integration.
Scribe-iT & FaroArm Product Support Debut
#2 in Daily Newsletter
Industry Publication Charles River Media
Technical Book: "Animation and Visual Effects Techniques" covers some applications of Scribe-iTand Surf-iT:
Charles River Media - 
'Animation and Visual Effects Techniques'
Techniques using Scribe-iT and Surf-iT are explained in this popular and voluminous advanced 3D modeling and effects technique book from Charles River Media, written by notable 3D expert and author Sanford Kennedy.
Available from Barnes and Noble
Industry News:
'GHOST 3D Announces New 3ds max 6 Plug-In Versions'
The newest version of GHOST 3D's 3ds max plug-in products are ready in record time (before 3ds max 6 shipped!).
Headlines here    Full Story
Industry News:
Headlines: GHOST 3D And Xsense Sign 3D Technology Deal

Industry News:
'Breaking News of GHOST 3D's newest partner and our strategic alliance for 3D scanner technology

ResErect Release Announcement
#4 in the Daily Newsletter

Industry News:
'CADENCE News' headlines.
Abby Albrecht covers the press release
Industry News:
'CADWire' picks up the new ResErect release
Industry News:
'Surf-iT' software release coverage
#5 in Daily Newsletter
Industry News:
'GHOST 3D Ships Surf-iT 3D Modeling plugin for 3ds max '
(press coverage)
User Group News:  Scribe-iT
'GHOST 3D, LLC Releases Scribe-iT Advanced Desktop Digitizing Software'
User Group News:  Surf-iT
'GHOST 3D, LLC Releases Surf-iT 3D Modeling Kit'
Industry News: 
Digital Producer
Editor's Coverage: 'GHOST 3D Ships new Scribe-iT tools for 3d studio max'
John Virata, Senior Producer at Digital Media Net, covers the new Scribe-iT Digitizing solution for 3ds max and MicroScribe 3D.
Industry News:
GHOST 3D Releases Surf-iT update for 3ds max.
Surf-iT press release coverage in the Digital Producer magazine.
Industry News:
3D Gate's 'Plugging into the Ghost'
Industry News: ResErect headlines.
Industry Product Review:
CGI's Surf-iT Review
CGI Magazine: Surf-iT Product Review

CGI reviews Surf-iT with a definitive thumbs up!
This in depth review spotlights how GHOST 3D's elegant 3D modeling tools and techniques are preferred by leading 3D professionals.
Industry Publication Charles River Media
Book on Techniques and Tutorials using Surf-iT
Charles River Media - 
'3D Studio Max: Building Complex Models'
Strong Surf-iT coverage and tutorials stand out in this technical book from Charles River Media.
Event:  Trade Show, Siggraph
'Bubba' - Scribe-iT Case Application Story
Scribe-iT/MicroScribe Case Application Paper
 (courtesy of Immersion Corporation and GHOST 3D, LLC)

A detailed look at how Scribe-iT dynamically facilitates the professional work of animator Mitch Gates (electricink.com).
Released at SIGGRAPH Trade Show - (the world's most significant exhibition of computer graphics technology)
Product Review: Surf-iT
Surf-iT Trial Announcement
MAXHelp.com (Many World's Productions) announces Surf-iT and the availability of the Surf-iT Trial version in the MAXHelp News section.
*To request a Press/Media Review of Surf-iT Software please click here to request Press/Media assistance
Product Review: Scribe-iT
Scribe-iT Review
Design 4 Discreet Users - Scribe-iT Review
'Immesion Therapy' - Scribe-iT Review
An extensive coverage of GHOST 3D's Scribe-iT digitizing solution.
Lost but not forgotten, Design 4 Discreet Users Magazine has provided exceptional print resources for users of Discreet software products, like this Scribe-iT review in volume No.19, p36.
Product Review: Surf-iT
MAX 3D - Surf-iT Comparison

Max 3D - Product Review
'Surf-iT' announcement and comparison
MAX 3D gives a sneak peak and technical look at Surf-iT's superior patch surfacing technology.
MAX 3D is an extensive and up to date web resource for news on top 3ds max tools and extensions.

Surf-iTTM is an advanced 3D modeling solution for Discreet’s (Autodesk) 3D Studio MAX® & 3D Studio VIZ®.

The Surf-iT modeling kit provides unprecedented speed and quality in parametric 3D Spline creation, editing, and surfacing. The product is designed as an enhanced modular system of tools, enabling the quickest modeling workflow available to 3D Studio MAX and VIZ.

Surf-iT also breaks new ground as the premiere and only 3D Studio MAX plug-in to incorporate instant creation of parametric 3D Spline objects, called S-ObjectsTM, and each revision of Surf-iT builds on these new Spline object creation and editing tools.
Artists can instantly create solid forms and extrude cavities or protrusions - all at the Spline level! This gives maximum flexibility, as artists and animators will never need to commit to 'critical' surface decisions again (decisons that are otherwise imposed on the user in 3D Patch or NURBS modeling solutions). Instead, surfacing is automatic, multi-level, and can be viewed simultaneously during Spline operations using Surf-iT Macros.

At the core, Surf-iT's proprietary surfacing technology uniquely optimizes the surface for a desirable geometry construction and efficient polygon count, while automatically detecting and highlighting any user anomalies (possibilities for user-defined improvements).

Most importantly, Surf-iT's geometry and surface output is fully compatible with 3D Studio MAX’s native object classes, so that game developers leveraging 3D Studio MAX’s Open Source initiative can integrate Surf-iT created content in their game engines without any sacrifices or additional research. Game developers, film and entertainment production teams can easily incorporate Surf-iT to enhance their production workflow, because Surf-iT builds on the familiar benefits of the 3D Studio MAX and VIZ interface, and then further expands the technology with convenient, time-saving algorithms, operations and tools.

For more complete product information and user testimonials, please visit the Surf-iT product page

Press and Media correspondents requiring Surf-iT evaluations, text and image copy, please
click here to request Press/Media assistance

Scribe-iTTM  for Discreet’s (Autodesk) 3D Studio MAX® & 3D Studio VIZ® is the most powerful digitizing and 3D modeling system designed for 3D digitizers and CMM devices such as Faro Arm and MicroScribe 3D digitizers.

Quickly build accurate 3D computer models from physical objects with Scribe-iT’s versatile feature set by simply placing the digitizer probe on physical surfaces and automatically inputting the datasets. Scribe-iT provides flexible Spline creation tools, controllable NURBS conversion, Mesh creation, and unique Mesh Strips creation to assist 3D artists, animators, engineers and designers alike. Additionally, Scribe-iT incorporates the robust Surf-iT Spline modeling kit, giving 3D Studio MAX and VIZ users the fastest Spline surfacing capabilities, exceptionally suited for speed and optimization in surfacing large digitized datasets. One of Scribe-iT’s most significant highlights is the ability to convert modified digitized objects back to the creation state for appending data. This means any MAX modifiers you use can become part of the digitizing process.

Scribe-iT is also the first commercial software solution to provide animation support for the full line of MicroScribe desktop digitizers. Scribe-iT’s amazing 3D camera tool lets you instantly manipulate 3D cameras to interactively view and animate your digitized objects using the MicroScribe armature - fantastic for visualization and flythoughs! You can even interact to animate linked scene objects using a variety of controllers. A movement scale factor lets the MicroScribe transform objects up to thousands of feet per inch.

Integrating camera manipulation, animation, the Surf-iT modeling kit and just about any MAX modifier into the real-time digitizing process, Scribe-iT takes 3D digitizing to the highest level, making it the most outstanding digitizing software commercially available.

For more complete product information and user testimonials, please visit the Scribe-iT product page

Press and Media correspondents requiring Scribe-iT evaluations, text and image copy, please
Click here to request Press/Media assistance

IMPORTANT:   Please note that a proper Scribe-iT evaluation requires that you have access to a supported device such as MicroScribe CMM or other supported digitizers. Please G3D Systems Representative to request MicroScribe digitizer product and evaluation information.
• MicroScribe-MAX

MicroScribe-MAX Product Page
Product Page

MicroScribe-MAX is the original first ever dedicated digitizing software and integration plugin for 3D digitizers and CMMs like the ">MicroScribe and best-selling 3D modeling & animation software 3D Studio MAX® (Autodesk). MicroScribe-MAX and its successor Scribe-iT has been a highly acclaimed software solution for several years, from which many of its heralded features have been incorporated and enhanced in GHOST 3D's Scribe-iT advanced desktop digitizing solution. Microscribe-MAX was developed by GHOST 3D, LLC and exclusively distributed by Immersion Corporation until GHOST 3D, LLC released Scribe-iT and became the OEM integrator and global distributor for Scribe-iT/Microscribe Solutions and Power Digitizer Pack Solutions. Now GHOST 3D, LLC is the primary supplier for Microscribe integration with 3ds max, Autodesk VIZ, and others.

MicroScribe-MAX is Scribe-iT's predecessor, distributed exclusively by Immersion Corporation as a supporting digitizing solution for end-users of older versions of 3D Studio MAX (Release 1 through Release 2.5).

For more information on MicroScribe-MAX and upgrades to Scribe-iT, please contact a G3D Systems representative for MicroScribe-MAX Upgrades
ResErect™ is a unique plugin for 3ds max™ and Autodesk VIZ®, providing 3D artists with a parametric reverse engineering system. ResErect converts virtually any object type (mesh, patch, spline) into optimized splines whilst preserving history and pre-existing sub-object animation! Also provides textured import of Animation Master patches (AV2) into MAX and VIZ.

Got ugly models?. . . ResErect ‘em!

For more complete product information and user testimonials, please visit the ResErect product page

Press and Media correspondents requiring ResErect evaluations, text and image copy, please
click here to request Press/Media assistance


For general press information about GHOST 3D and its products and services, please e-mail:
GHOST 3D Press Contact

  GHOST 3D Releases Revised Suite of 3D Digitizing, Reverse Engineering, and 3D Modeling Tools...  
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  GHOST 3D Announces New MicroScribe 3D Laser Systems&trade...  
  GHOST 3D Releases New 3ds max® Plug-in Versions...  
  GHOST 3D to Unveil ScanLab™ PCS - Surface Reconstruction Plugins  
  Immersion & GHOST 3D to Present New MicroScribe Solutions™  
  GHOST 3D Releases Scribe-iT CAD™...  
  GHOST 3D Announces Scribe-iT CAD™ - New Product Solution...  
  GHOST 3D Releases New 3ds max® Plug-in Versions...  
  GHOST 3D Announces Advanced Surface Reconstruction Technology  
  GHOST 3D Releases Latest FARO CMM Integration and Scanner Solutions  
  GHOST 3D Announces new versions for its full line of 3D modeling products  
  Xsense Technology Corp. and GHOST 3D, LLC sign a 3D Technology and Distribution deal to license and distribute solutions using GHOST 3D surfacing and modeling technologies  
  GHOST 3D Releases New Version of 3D Object Conversion, Import, and Spline Rebuilding Tools  
  GHOST 3D Releases new version of Scribe-iT Advanced Digitizing Software  
  GHOST 3D Releases new version of Surf-iT 3D Modeling Kit  
  GHOST 3D Speaks at U.C. Berkeley On 3D Technology, Digitizing and Prototyping in Fabrication and Design Practices  
  GHOST 3D Develops CMM Integration for Alias | Wavefront's Maya® 3D Modeling & Animation Software  
  GHOST 3D Announces New Product Bundles Availability  
  GHOST 3D's Surf-iT™ Software tools and technology used in girst of MicroSoft® X-Box&treg; Games  
  Scribe-iT™ 3D Digitizing Solutions to be Demonstrated at Siggraph  
  New Scribe-iT™ Solution Tools Announced  
  New Surf-iT™ Version Product Release Announced  
  ResErect™ New Surface Reconstruction Solution Announcement  
  New Surf-iT™ Version, Pre-Siggraph Trade Show Release  
  Scribe-iT™ 3D Digitizing, Reverse Engineering, Manipulation, & Modeling Software is Released Under New Branding  
  Surf-iT™ 3D Modeling Software Update  
  GHOST 3D™ contributes content to the SONY® Playstation® Store at the new SONY METREON building in San Francisco, CA  
  Surf-iT™ 3D Modeling Solutions Available for 3D Studio Max, 3D Studio, and 3D Studio Viz.  

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