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October 28, 2004



October 28, 2004 -- GHOST 3D, LLC announced today the new technology availability and business opportunities for its proprietary advanced surface reconstruction technologies. The solutions include among others: point cloud surfacing, 3d data cleaning (noise filtering), surface and data optimizations and corrections, geometry reduction and editing, and custom integration with 3D scanner and digitizer hardware and software.

The surface reconstruction technologies and business opportunities are being offered to companies such as 3D scanner, 3D digitizer or CMM manufacturers looking to provide an advanced but easy-to-use method of creating accurate 3D models and surfaces from 3D point cloud data collected via their 3D range data capturing devices. GHOST 3D has specialized in producing dedicated 3D input integration solutions with some of the most popular and highest quality 3D data capture devices across a variety of industrial applications. These unique experiences combined with its extensive 3D computer graphics expertise and engineering resources has enabled the company to provide advanced 3D technology and workflow solutions to hardware and OEM product manufacturers looking to offer complete 3D model building and reverse engineering solutions.

Many of the world’s emerging technologies for scanning 3D models are based on capturing point data representing a physical surface. However, usually these technologies do not convert the 3D point data into a useable 3D surface or surface format, and most cannot otherwise surface an arbitrary set of 3D points. GHOST 3D eliminates this problem for 3D scanner, digitizer and CMM manufacturers. The company’s expertise and new technology suite offer virtually any type of integration between the surface reconstruction processes and the 3D capturing device, which can be accomplished either through custom standalone applications, mainstream plug-in solutions, or embedded into the partner’s proprietary device driver application(s).

   “Our Points-to-Surface Technology is a true arbitrary point-set surfacing algorithm suiting it to most range data scanner output and dense point cloud surface representations,” said Philip A. Bloemink, Chief Technology Officer for GHOST 3D, LLC.
   “It produces manifold and non-manifold topology accurately and is extremely flexible and fast. Processing speeds and memory management perform exceptionally well, assuming general accuracy and sufficient density in the point set.”

In demonstrations the surfacing engine could produce the resulting 3D surface model with extremely fast speed, making it highly competitive and desirable for most industrial applications. The toolset is designed to work with a variety of capturing schemes and devices, and GHOST 3D can custom tailor this toolset and design to a partner’s particular device, producing a unique solution.

   “We’ve been working at this for quite some years, so we’re naturally excited to move forward more aggressively with the upcoming commercialization of this technology.”

GHOST 3D’s advanced surface reconstruction technologies will be made available through the commercialization of products developed in close partnership with matched 3D solution providers. GHOST 3D is now actively inviting manufacturers of precision 3D capture devices to contact GHOST 3D regarding the emerging technologies and solutions now being offered. A variety of business models and relationships have been established, and will now include both exclusive and non-exclusive opportunities.

Contact GHOST 3D, LLC for technology and commercial partnering opportunities.

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GHOST 3D, LLC is a California based 3D technology developer, production studio and service bureau (www.ghost3d.com). The company innovates custom techniques and productivity solutions for 3D modeling, industrial design, manufacturing, reverse engineering, 3D scanner technology, 3D digitizers, CMMs, rapid prototyping, DCC/CAD/CAM extensions, animation, graphics and other industrial applications. GHOST 3D's software solutions are used by product designers, engineers (biological - mechanical), scientists, researchers, manufacturers, entertainment and visualization professionals, who need to scan, design, create, measure, edit, manipulate, inspect, re-design, refine, convert and output 3D digital models. GHOST 3D's engineering experience is responsible for bringing unique first-of-kind 3D digitizing, surfacing and reconstruction solutions to new and emerging markets. Some applications of these proprietary technologies and techniques have been made available via custom development for hardware and software partners, OEM brand-less licensing, and integration of branded solutions for hardware and mainstream software solutions. GHOST 3D also markets and distributes proprietary and partnered solutions worldwide.

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