MicroScribe and GHOST 3D software technology:

Completely integrated 3D digitizing systems developed
& supported by GHOST 3D!

MicroScribe-MAX and Scribe-iT are the first and most powerful integrated 3D digitizing solutions to support MicroScribe 3D digitizers (also supports other devices). MicroScribe 3D digitizers (also supports other devices). MicroScribe debuted as the first interactive 3d digitizing solutions for Autodesk products. MicroScribe-MAX debuted as the first interactive 3d digitizing solutions for Autodesk products. MicroScribe-MAX was designed, developed and produced by GHOST 3D, LLC in 1996 and distributed by Immersion Corporation until Scribe-iT's more recent release and distribution by GHOST 3D. MicroScribe-MAX's proprietary product feature set (now incorporated into Scribe-iT) established the defacto standard in contact digitizing software, and became a first-of-kind plug-in integration for any mainstream 3d software/platform! Its history, usefulness and performance are unprecedented by any other 3D digitizing solution, and it has now evolved into the advanced and robust Scribe-iT family of 3D software solutions.
Scribe-iT and Power Digitizer Pack now offer what are notably the most robust digitizing and Digital Content Creation solutions commercially available, supporting MicroScribe 3D, MicroScribe G2 series, MicroScribe MX series, and all FARO CMM and FaroArm products.
Note: If you need assistance with legacy versions of MicroScribe-MAX please contact support@ghost3d.com.

Please note:
Scribe-iT is the current successor of MicroScribe-MAX. Scribe-iT is the new advanced reverse-engineering, 3D digitizing, 3D input and navigation solution for MicroScribe (Immersion), FaroArm (FARO) CMM digitizers in 3ds max, Autodesk VIZ, 3D Studio MAX, Maya, Inventor and more...

Integration Technology:
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