S c r i b e - i TTM   -   Advanced 3D Digitizing & Input Solutions
Empowers CMM users with advanced tools for 3D digitizing, reverse engineering, metrology, modeling, manipulation, editing, animation, and visualization and more...

S c r i b e - i T TM    -  Advanced 3D Digitizing & Input Solutions
Scribe-iTTM  empowers CMM users with advanced tools for 3D digitizing, reverse engineering, 3-Dimensional CAD data capture and measurement, modeling, editing, animation, visualization, and manipulation. Supports FaroArm and Microscribe CMMs, digitizers and a variety of 3D software applications.

Scribe-iT provides a true 3D-interactive modeling, digitizing, reverse-engineering, data capture, design and manipulation solution. The Scribe-iT product family integrates the most popular 3D digitizers and precision CMM devices (Coordinate Measurement Machines) with top 3D design, CAD, and animation packages. Scribe-iT combines precision reverse engineering systems with the very best in 3D modeling, advanced surfacing and conversion tools, interactive data manipulation, and the versatile digital content creation tools of MicroScribe-MAX™ (Premiere Windows 3D digitizing solution (1996)). Scribe-iT and MicroScribe-MAX are the first of their kind to bring animation capabilities to precision coordinate measurement devices. Additionally, Scribe-iT incorporates the robust Surf-iT modeling kit** the fastest Spline-to-surface capabilities designed specifically for speed and optimization in surfacing large digitized datasets.

With the Scribe-iT software solutions you can easily and accurately digitize 3 dimensional physical objects using popular and affordable 3D digitizers and touch probe CMM devices, precisely generating the data, geometry, surface and forms you require for your application. The operator simply places the digitizer probe on physical surfaces and manually or automatically inputs the datasets. Scribe-iT provides all the necessary tools to work with the resulting data directly inside of popular 3D and CAD Software programs (contact us for a list). Scribe-iT’s solutions include high-end productivity tools, like GHOST 3D’s proprietary 3D Cursor™ system, flexible Reference Points System (RPS™), advanced digitizing and 3D geometry creation tools, interactive inspection and measurement, and the powerful Spline modeling and surfacing capabilities of Surf-iT. Scribe-iT is designed to give 3D professionals, researchers, architects, designers and engineers a wide range of very simple, quick and powerful 3D operations for creating, editing, measuring, visualizing, and animating data.

Scribe-iT introduces the “interactive” aspect to 3D tools, enabling you to instantly manipulate data, cameras and linked objects so you can dynamically interact with your designs. You can even set scale and offset factors to use the CMM to transform objects at any scale – real coordinates, or even miles per centimeter. The built in animation features let you animate cameras for visualization or fly-throughs of your entire 3D data or scene. Designers, Architects, and Engineers wishing to digitize their mock-up or final models can provide interactive visualization to their clients by guiding the touch probe or digitizer through their models and watching the camera view update in real-time on screen. All the essential tools you need for the host application to work with your 3D digitizer are included in an easy-to-use interface providing digitizing, design, re-design, modeling, animation, meaurement, visualization, and reverse engineering capabilities in one complete solution!

The Scribe-iT product solution family extends beyond other digitizing, reverse engineering and design solutions, providing an accurate, physically-interactive 3D design environment. Features include a powerful and flexible proprietary polygon modeling system, spline and surface capture and editing, spline surfacing, Spline-to-NURBS, interactive data manipulation and reparameterization, CAD geometry and design tools, measurement and metrology, measurement reports, automatic data capture, interactive visualization and animation, and much more. With Scribe-iT's digitizing process and integration tools, you can also use native editing, modifications, or add-ons throughout the digitizing process.
You can even convert and align previously digitized or 3D scanned data (3D points, polygons, splines, surfaces, etc.) from any 3D digitizer, optical or laser scanner (such as Inspeck or Microscan laser) so that it can be edited, manipulated or appended to with Scribe-iT's interactive CMM tools.

Scribe-iT standard feature packages include:

Scribe-iT DCC - base package, includes DCC features, Surf-iT features
Power Digitizer Pack - includes base package, DCC features, Surf-iT features, and ResErect conversion features.
Scribe-iT CAD - feature rich, includes advanced CAD, Design, Measurement, Reports, and additional Editing, plus all the DCC features, and Surf-iT features

• Scribe-iT application support and feature configurations are subject to change. Contact GHOST 3D for current options and availability.
• Scribe-iT standard feature packages include documentation and tutorials to enhance learning and provide powerful modeling techniques.
• Scribe-iT solutions include support for FaroArm CMMs and MicroScribe digitizers,  (i.e. /FA is for FaroArm support /MS is for MicroScribe Support).

Contact G3D Systems for complete Scribe-iT solutions information, feature options, compatibility, and availability.
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