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May 14, 2008

GHOST 3D Releases Updated Software Suite for Latest Autodesk Design Applications

May 14, 2008 (San Francisco, CA) -- GHOST 3D, LLC announces new updated suite of its 3D modeling, digitizing, 3D manipulation, animation, visualization, and reverse engineering software with integrated support for the latest versions of Autodesk Software, including 3ds max 2009 and 3ds max Design 2009. GHOST 3D, LLC has been an authorized partner and member of the Autodesk Developer Network for over 14 years, and continues to provide seamless Autodesk plug-in integration and enhancements with GHOST 3D’s latest software tools and products.

GHOST 3D’s software solutions provide 3D designers, modelers, manufacturers, engineers, sculptors, animators, artists and other professionals in the games, manufacturing, television, film, design, and visualization industries with powerful 3D modeling, digitizing, scan-surfacing, polygon meshing, conversion and other tools and utilities. GHOST 3D’s solutions include Power Modeler Pack, Power Digitizer Pack, ResErect, Scribe-iT and Surf-iT and others, each of which support a variety of mainstream 3D applications.

Surf-iT and Power Modeler Pack products provide a full suite of modeling tools providing 3D content creators and designers with the ability to create accurate 3D models simply using both 3D and 2D design and drawing techniques. Each product incorporates speed and diversity in Spline surface modeling systems with non-linear parametric conversion features. Users can frame out complex surfaces quickly and accurately by drawing, refining and editing using Spline-based patches, convert to subdivision surfaces, editable subdivision polygon objects, NURMS, NURBS, mesh, and then export to popular file formats. Surf-iT and Power Modeler Pack ensure outstanding content that can be used with most tools in the 3D production pipeline. Additional highlights include parametric drag-and-drop 3D-Spline objects, advanced surfacing, and loads of speedy editing enhancements to instantly produce models with superb 3D geometry.

Scribe-iT and Power Digitizer Pack solutions include 3D digitizing, manipulation, inspection, reverse engineering and 3D modeling tools that enable anyone to capture and create accurate, high-quality, editable 3D models, geometry, measurements, animation, and other data from physical objects. It is clear today that GHOST 3D's unique and highly acclaimed digitizing tools have revolutionized the way people use CMMs (Coordinate Measurement Machines) and contact 3D-digitizer devices. The company offers premiere animation and manipulation solutions for 3D digitizing devices on the Windows platform. Evolved from the very first digitizing solutions for 3ds max and Autodesk VIZ, Scribe-iT and Power Digitizer Pack are complete solutions for designers, artists and engineers to design, create, animate and interact with physical objects in 3D scenes. The products provide the power and versatility of multiple creation modes, hybrid modeling, conversion and editing techniques, the ability to incorporate any modifier into the digitizing process. Scribe-iT and Power Digitizer Pack support CMMs, 3D scanners and digitizers through integrated GHOST 3D Systems, including MicroScribe, FaroArm devices and others. To find out more about Scribe-iT (http://www.ghost3d.com/gt_scribe-it.htm), FaroArm portable arm CMM digitizers (http://www.ghost3d.com/gt_systems.htm), MicroScribe 3D digitizer (http://microscribe.ghost3d.com/gt_microscribe.htm), or GHOST 3D Systems, interested parties should contact a G3D Systems Representative at http://www.ghost3d.com/gt_g3dsystems_req.htm

ResErect offers unique Mesh, Patch, Primitive, and Spline conversion to optimized Splines, preservation of animation, rebuilding of the Splines, preparation for surfacing, and special import capability for Hash’s Animation Master patch-based models.
ScanLab™ (not yet available for 3ds max 2009) offers a fast and unique parametric point-cloud surfacing, simplification and reconstruction solution.

GHOST 3D also provides a wide range of state-of-the-art 3D Digitizers and 3D Laser Scanner hardware and processing solutions (http://www.ghost3d.com/gt_systems.htm).

For more information about GHOST 3D software, 3D digitizers, 3D laser scanners, and other GHOST 3D solutions please visit:

Website:  http://www.ghost3d.com
GHOST 3D Software:  http://www.ghost3d.com/gt_software.htm
Scribe-iT:  http://www.ghost3d.com/gt_scribe-it.htm
MicroScribe:  http://microscribe.ghost3d.com/gt_microscribe.htm
3D Digitizers and 3D Laser Scanners:  http://www.ghost3d.com/gt_systems.htm

Contact GHOST 3D, LLC at:  http://www.ghost3d.com/gt_g3dsystems_req.htm



GHOST 3D, LLC is a California based 3D technology developer, production studio and service bureau (www.ghost3d.com). The company innovates custom techniques and productivity solutions for 3D modeling, industrial design, manufacturing, reverse engineering, 3D scan technology, 3D digitizers, rapid prototyping, DCC/CAD/CAM extensions, animation, graphics and industrial applications. GHOST 3D's software solutions are used by product designers, engineers (biological - mechanical), scientists, researchers, manufacturers, entertainment and visualization professionals, who need to scan, design, create, measure, edit, manipulate, inspect, re-design, refine, convert and output 3D digital models. GHOST 3D's engineering experience is responsible for bringing unique first-of-kind 3D digitizing, surfacing and reconstruction solutions to new and emerging markets. Subsets of their proprietary technologies and methods have been made available via custom development for hardware and software partners, OEM brand-less licensing, and integration of branded solutions for hardware and mainstream software solutions. GHOST 3D also markets and distributes proprietary and partnered 3D digitizer and 3D scanner products worldwide.

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