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...the Spirit of technology
Inside a world of 3D...
What's New (news briefs...)
Scribe-iT - Capture the World with the Highest Quality 3D Polygon Models (tm)
Scribe-iT-Capture the World with the Highest Quality 3D Polygon Models™
supports 3ds max/viz R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6
Power Modeler Pack * * * *
Power Digitizer Pack * * * *
Surf-iT * * * * * *
ResErect * * * *
Scribe-iT * * * * *
MS-MAX * *
G3D Systems
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3D digitizers, scanners, software MicroScribe, InSpeck, Faro, etc.

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MicroScribe 3D Digitizers
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  Surf-iT and ResErect bundled software
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MicroScribe 3D Laser System

  USA MicroScribe Solutions Partner
New MicroScribe X
(Highest Accuracy)

 . audodesk 3ds max maya alias solidworks plugins
3D Spline Modeling

(click here for more info)
Surfacing technology
for 3ds max & VIZ
Re-build Patch, Mesh,
Splines, Spline Conversion,
Animation Master Import into 3ds max and Autodesk VIZ
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advanced 3D input solutions

3D digitizer software for
True 3D Design, Modeling, Inspection, Visualization, Reverse-Engineering, Animation, etc.
Capture . Design . Animate

with CMM type 3d digitizers

GHOST 3D Offers Next Generation 3D Scanning, Digitizing, Rev. Eng., 3D Modeling Tools.
Learn more about G3D Systems, 3D digitizing, metrology and industrial applications...
GHOST 3D's 3D software and 3D digitizing/scanning systems continue to provide comprehensive solutions for a variety of 3D applications. (Software Products)

To purchase Software and plug-ins please contact sales or a GHOST 3D partner.
For additional info about 3D Digitizing Software, scanners, or CMM products please also use the form here to contact our G3D Systems department.
3D Designers, Manufacturers, Marketing Teams, and 3D Digital Content Creators...
Did you know?   Scribe-iT is used by industry leaders to capture, measure, design & re-design, reverse engineer, communicate, and visualize accurate 3D datasets including surfaces, curves, measurements, lines, point sets, motion data, vectors, and other CAD/CAM information from physical objects, prototypes, and products including some of the highest quality digital automobiles such as the Audi A4 Avant (pictured on the Scribe-iT web site), Chrysler, Dodge, VW and many others...
For an example of some outstanding full scale automobiles recreated as 3D geometry using Scribe-iT DCC, and a supported CMM (available from GHOST 3D), check out the latest 3D models of Volkswagen's VW cars at You can see a 360 view of the "Touareg" here: ; additionally, you can view other 3D replicas of VW cars by clicking the “Cars” button in the upper left of the site pages.
Limited Stock On MicroScribe CMM Systems (hardware)...
Contact a G3D Systems Representative for remaining stock of MicroScribe CMM systems. Most MicroScribe models are already sold out and may remain unavailable until further notice.
GHOST 3D's MicroScribe Solutions™ such as Power Digitizer Pack & Scribe-iT productivity Software and laser add-ons for MicroScribe will continue to be available normally.  GHOST 3D also continues to offer FaroArm CMM solutions.
Get Exclusive Digitizer Solutions and Deals here...
Siggraph attendees: Get Scribe-iT DCC 3D modeling and animation tools to maximize your 3D digitizer use in Maya, 3ds max, Autodesk Design, VIZ, and others...
Scribe-iT software offers Superior integration and performance value for MicroScribe 3D digitizer modeling & reverse engineering - guaranteed!
Scribe-iT DCC MicroScribe software for Maya provides EXCLUSIVE MicroScribe integration tools for Maya, including the only plug-in with built-in 3D digitizer modeling system, parametric SDS Polygon tools, visualization, & manipulation for animation!
For efficient animatable objects in less time than most "scan & reverse model" methods!
Learn more about Scribe-iT here...
FOX Digital upgrades studios with latest Surf-iT 3D modeling software for Autodesk 3ds max.
FOX Digital and FOX Sports designers use GHOST 3D's Surf-iT for 3D graphics, artwork, and special effects.
Learn more about Surf-iT's robust spline modeling tools and capabilities here...
CSN Media Technologies Department applies government grant to acquire and install GHOST 3D's Scribe-iT/MicroScribe 3D Laser Systems for Computer Animation.
Learn more about Scribe-iT/MicroScribe systems here...
GHOST 3D's G3D Systems provides Praxair Inc. with 3D Laser Scanner and metrology systems for industrial applications.
Learn more about G3D Systems, 3D digitizing, metrology and industrial applications...
Contact G3D Systems systems for affordable 3D Laser/CMM Systems...
GHOST 3D Releases it's 3D Software Solutions for latest Autodesk Software...
(Software Products)
To license GHOST 3D Software Solutions and plug-ins please contact a G3D Systems Representative or a GHOST 3D Solutions partner.
For assistance with 3D digitizing, 3D scanner systems and hardware please also visit our G3D Systems department.
MicroScribe Solutions at Siggraph trade show...
Check out the MicroScribe Laser Scanner at the Siggraph trade show (booth #1814)
on August 7 - August 10 in sunny San Diego, California. 
Get the demo, then ask about GHOST 3D's special deals on complete MicroScribe 3D Laser Systems™ and solutions, including the new hi-performance Scribe-iT MicroScribe Solutions for latest vers. of Maya.
For enquiries please complete the request form here.
GHOST 3D Releases latest support for Maya and Solidworks...
Scribe-iT includes powerful Reverse Engineering, 3D modeling (NURBS, Sub-Ds, and Polys), Portable CMM integration, editing and more...
For more information, please contact G3D Systems here...
G3D Systems' MicroScribe solutions offer:
MicroScribe Solutions packages now include a Free Hand Pager input accessory (plus Dual Foot Pedal) with all MicroScribe systems.  G3D Systems also offers additional special bonus offers with several 3D digitizing system packages.
Contact a G3D Systems specialist for more information.
G3D Systems has added new products to its optical & laser 3D scanner solutions
Also don't forget to take advantage of GHOST 3D's special pricing with our Digitizer Specials on select
3D digitizer and scanner systems. (Note: supply limitations may apply)

Contact a G3D Systems specialist for more information.
We deliver the right 3D solution for your unique applications... Get yours today ! 
GHOST 3D is a full service provider of state-of-the-art 3D scanners and digitizers. (more info...)
GHOST 3D integrates Cyclops 3D solution for SSLE, Engraving, & 3D portrait markets...
An easy and ready-to-use solution for capturing 3D images of human and 'live' subjects, the 3D Cyclops is a great addition to GHOST 3D's extensive G3D Systems Optical & Laser Solutions - specifically for 3D image capture and output as 3D portrait models, 3D Stereo Portraits printing (3DSP), relief engravings, sub-surface laser engravings (SSLE), etc.
Read more on Cyclops product details , SSLE and Rapid 3D Capture-to-Output solutions
For solutions, options, specs, and purchasing info: Contact a G3D Systems Specialist for details!.
Also, visit our G3D Systems Optical & Laser Solutions for more on 3D laser scanners and systems
GHOST 3D Announces Availability of MicroScribe 3D Laser Systems...
Integrated MicroScribe-Laser systems are selling fast!
For more information: Click here for MicroScribe-Laser product details
For product options, specs, & purchasing info: Contact a G3D Systems Specialist for details!.
Also, visit our G3D Systems Optical & Laser Solutions for product designations and more on 3D laser scanners and systems
Thanks to all our Siggraph booth attendees for your support and enthusiasm!
GHOST 3D would like to thank everyone who has enquired about our upcoming products and 3d digitizing solutions as a result of the Siggraph announcements and exhbit floor show. We had a great success and response to our announcements and new product showings.
GHOST 3D to Unveil ScanLab PCS - Surface Reconstruction Plugins...
GHOST 3D, LLC announces that it will preview at the SIGGRAPH / ACM technology trade show a pre-release of its upcoming plugin product, ScanLab™ PCS, the premiere point-cloud and surface reconstruction engine for 3ds max.
Learn more about the latest innovative tools from GHOST 3D...
Come meet with us at SIGGRAPH.
Immersion & GHOST 3D Present New MicroScribe Solutions...
SIGGRAPH GHOST 3D, LLC and Immersion are collaborating to present GHOST 3D's new MicroScribe Solutions™, which among several offerings will include a sneak preview of the first ever MicroScribe motion capture solution: Scribe-iT MoCap™ demonstrated with the MicroScribe 6-DOF 'Spinning Stylus' capture devices.
Learn more about the latest innovative tools from GHOST 3D...
- More information about Scribe-iT MoCap is available by request.
- Learn more about MicroScribe Solutions here.
- Learn more about the Scribe-iT family of 3D digitizing, metrology and input solutions here.
Stay tuned for upcoming news on GHOST 3D's next breakthrough solutions...
G3D Systems: GHOST 3D offers a full range of state-of-the-art 3D digitizers, 3D scanners, 3D Input Devices and Portable CMM systems complete with integrated ghost 3d graphical software solutions for 3D modeling, CAD, Digital Content Creation (DCC), Visualization, CAM, Engineering, Inspection, Research, Sciences, Medical, Measurement, Animation, and 3D Graphics.
Consult with a G3D Systems specialist to determine the right sytem for your requirements and application(s).
Click here to learn more about our 3D digiizing systems or to contact our G3D Systems department.
Check Out the Latest "Scribe-iT CAD™" Solutions Available
Scribe-iT CAD product solutions include an extensive set of new features and functionality to assist CAD professionals including designers, engineers, architects, and visualization professionals interested in working with completely 3D interactive design and reverse engineering solutions that support a variety of 3D CMM metrology and digitizer devices including (among others) FaroArm, MicroScribe 3D, MicroScribe G2, MicroScribe MX products.
For more info, go to the Scribe-iT CAD product section.
Scribe-iT CAD is available through select resellers and directly from our online store. (Note: online purchases for Scribe-iT CAD must be manually processed prior to issuing download).
Full credit uprades are available upon request. Contact a Product Representative for additional purchasing options and volume licensing.
If you have questions about Scribe-iT CAD, please e-mail a GHOST 3D Software Specialist.
GHOST 3D Announces Scribe-iT CAD – New Product Solution...
GHOST 3D, LLC announces "Scribe-iT CAD™" a new addition to the Scribe-iT family of 3D digitizing and CMM productivity and integration tools. Scribe-iT CAD incorporates new Design, Editing, and Measurement tools intended to better address the needs of product designers, engineers, fabricators, and visualization professionals. Contact a sales associate for licensing, availability and additional support.
GHOST 3D Announces Advanced Surface Reconstruction Technology
Today in an onsite technology demo GHOST 3D, LLC unveiled several new proprietary Surface Reconstruction technologies including fast and flexible Point Cloud Surfacing, Geometry Reduction, Optimization, Smoothing, Data Filtering, and more.  The GHOST 3D Technologies are planned for commercialization and integration through strategic partnerships with 3D scanner, inspection and metrology hardware and software manufacturers.  
Potential partners interested in contracting, licensing or cooperative product development should contact a company:  business associate
find out more in the press announcement...
GHOST 3D Releases New FaroArm DCC & CAD Integration Solutions
GHOST 3D, LLC releases several FaroArm (FARO’s CMM machines) integration solutions... Scribe-iT DCC and Power Digitizer Pack (FA) be accompanied by a variety of different solutions focused at various market segments from CAD/CAM professionals to Bio-Engineers, DCC modelers, Game and Film animators, and even Forensics and Visualization professionals.
Product enquiries can be e-mailed to a GHOST 3D Product Specialist
Registered Users / Software Updates:
Registered users of GHOST 3D plugin Software can obtain the latest updates by filling out the upgrade forms found on the update pages. Please contact Support if you have any questions. Product update pages are found via Upgrade links from the core product pages.
Complete Digitizing Systems availability:
Contact a G3D Systems Representative for complete interactive 3D Digitizing Systems (hardware/software packages) available direct from GHOST 3D.
Digital Content Creators, Product Designers, Game Developers, Forensic Engineers and Animators, Manufacturing Specialists, Film and Product sculptors, can find complete solutions for accurate Reverse Engineering, 3D digitizing, 3D modeling and 3D computer-aided measurement and metrology.
GHOST 3D to offer new support for FARO Technologies:
GHOST 3D, LLC, partnered with Faro Technologies Inc., announces updated compatibility of GHOST 3D's digitizing solutions with Faro's latest CMM hardware devices (new and legacy models too). GHOST 3D supports Faro's CMM arms including the FaroArm® Platinum and the FaroArm® Titanium products.
Please send all CMM Hardware, Software & Systems enquiries to our G3D Systems Specialists.
Notice To GHOST 3D Authorized Resellers:
Reseller Media Packs have been made available through the ORPS Reseller login area. Please update any outdated promotional media as necessary.
Scribe-iT supports Alias|Wavefront solutions.
GHOST 3D offers Scribe-iT software support for Alias|Wavefront Maya including support for latest 3D CMM devices and scanners. Contact G3D Systems deparment for details.
GHOST 3D gives technical presentation at U.C. Berkeley on digitizing, reverse engineering and re-design in Architectural and Design fields.
In collaboration with Lisa Iwamoto, University of California, Berkeley, GHOST 3D's Director of R&D spoke on the topic of digitizing, reverse engineering, re-design, and 3d interactivity in the changing Architectural, Engineering, and Product Design fields.
Mr. Bloemink's 3 hour seminar targeted the various uses and techniques of digitizing, 3d interactivity, 3d modeling and how today's technology can aid in design, rapid prototyping in design phases, and re-designing of prototypes. New technologies and custom applications from GHOST 3D and the 3d industry were discussed. Also covered were various techniques and new interactive ways of presenting such design to clients...
GHOST 3D Solutions and Services Information:
Learn more details about GHOST 3D software and services here...
• GHOST 3D develops, markets and distributes premiere 3D modeling, digitizing, design and reconstruction software.
    - Visit the GHOST software tools page for product information and links.
    - Send us your questions about GHOST 3D software products, services, and current projects.
• GHOST 3D develops and contributes video game technology, video game shaders, and runtime engines for special graphical game content.
• GHOST 3D produces exceptional High Quality 3D content for film, games, television, marketing, graphics and other industries.
• GHOST 3D develops 3D CAD and modeling software tools for design, manufacturing, CAM and CAM2.
GHOST Graphics Development team provides specialized GHOST Software and 3D tools for high performance/efficiency 3D modeling, digitizing and special applications for DCC and CAD.
We're proud to have serviced so many companies using GHOST 3D Graphics Software and 3D Design Software tools.
Perhaps you too have a 3D Dream Tool? ...
Companies and Individuals alike can benefit from GHOST 3D's extensive proprietary library of 3D Software tools, our long history and development experience, our expert services and special 3D techniques!
If you'd like to see more ghost graphics and 3D software tools commercialized...
Send us your GHOST 3D Software and 3D Scanner/Digitizer Processing Suggestions

  Send e-mail to GHOST 3D Software with questions about our 3D software products, services, and current projects.

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