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Looking for a creative development team to strengthen your company's presence in the 3D technology realm?
Will your business or investment goals require custom graphic software development or integration with leading 3D applications and processes?

Our creative engineers and designers are always interested in new business partners with special 3D software development needs. Our current partnerships include leading technology developers and publishers such as Autodesk, Discreet, Faro, Xsense, Immersion, and Microsoft. GHOST 3D's team of engineers includes extensive experience in graphics, 3d, reverse engineering, web, and database development. Our growing library of proprietary software technologies are adapted to commercial products, custom applications, and co-development projects. All of which represent GHOST 3D's extensive commitment to unique and cutting edge technology solutions in the 3-dimensional realm.

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Do you need a specific 3D model for purposes in which it cannot be substituted with generic content?
GHOST 3D's 3D digital content creation services will provide you with the absolute highest quality CAD 3D models or replicas for your specific purposes - guaranteed!

If you have a product, vehicle, character or any physical object that needs to be scanned or digitized for a specific media production or print, then look no further than GHOST 3D...
Through proprietary software, techniques, and some of the most experienced technicians in the industry, GHOST 3D, LLC provides the highest quality CAD, print, broadcast and film quality 3D models available. Using state-of-the-art equipment, software and techniques we can generate the perfect 3D content for your application. More importantly, the CAD data or 3D content (3D model) is created with the precise quality and format you require. If your 3D content needs must meet precise requirements, GHOST 3D digital content services hold the solution - not only for "the look" but for resolution, data quality, animation requirements, and for stunning accuracy and visual impact in your media or production! GHOST 3D has provided digital content for clients that know the importance of stunning their audiences - like Sony, Fox, Disney, and others.
Let us prove to you the quality you can attain.

Our CAD and digitizing professionals are among the very best in the industry, with experience working for and with the world's largest providers (i.e. Viewpoint Datalabs, 3Name3D, etc.). We use tools and proprietary techniques which are second to none and have lead the way in digitizing and repurposing for many years. The result is data that is custom tailored to the exact look and usefulness you require. GHOST 3D's digital creation services include digitizing and scanning physical objects from products, parts, creative characters, human beings and full sized automotive vehicles. Please contact us at the email address below for complete details and scheduling.

For growing business clients who are in demand for something new and exciting in game design and content development:

GHOST 3D, LLC is developing new technologies and can also provide custom applications, graphics and content solutions. We have a team of in house professionals including expert graphics and audio engineers, 3D animators, artists, and game designers who consistently exceed the limits in design and implementation. Persistently pushing forward in 3D technology, the 'GHOST' is ready to assist your craving need to produce exciting games and entertainment media.

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Need 3D Animation or Artwork for your Game, Video, Commercial or Film project?

GHOST 3D comprises a team of expert digital artists, animators and engineers to develop cutting edge 3D digital content. Whether your production challenge requires unique imagery or customized tools and formats, GHOST 3D gets the job done. If our studio doesn't have the right tool for the job, we make it! With expert developers and artists alike, GHOST 3D prides itself in its mastery of digital technology to forge expressive and compelling artistic creations.

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GHOST 3D technologies can power your products and productions!
Can't find the perfect 3d modeling tools?
Perhaps you need a custom graphics software solution?
Our exceptional engineering and development services are the solution. GHOST 3D develops custom software tools, applications, and utilities for product design, 3D modeling, film production, games production and 3D processing, 3D visualization, reverse engineering, manufacturing, rapid prototyping, and several other applications.
Contact us with your technical goals and business requirements now.

Need Leading Edge On-Site Production Assistance or Production Consultation in 3D Graphics and Animation?
GHOST 3D can provide or refer exceptionally qualified specialists in 3D animation and effects supervision!

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