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Below is a list of GHOST 3D Software products
Some products are available for online purchase and download at the GHOST Software store...
GHOST's Software development team also produces custom software tools and technology incorporated in third party software or proprietary production pipelines
Conversion/Import/Reverse Engineering for 3ds max
TM  and Autodesk VIZ ®

3D scan data processing, modeling, point cloud surfacing, geometry decimation/reduction, smoothing, and more...

A suite of specialized GHOST 3D geometry and 3D scanner data processing tools

Advanced 3D Digitizing and Input Solutions for FaroArm
 (FARO)  and Microscribe  (Immersion)  CMMs

Modeling kit for 3ds max
TM  and Autodesk VIZ ®

Power Modeler PackTM
Modeling kit and conversion tools for 3ds max
TM  and Autodesk VIZ ®

Power Digitizer PackTM
Digitizing and conversion tools for 3ds max
TM  and Autodesk VIZ ®
(includes Scribe-iT and ResErect)

3D Animation Software for resequencing and compressing/stretching PRS, attributes and other 3D data with or without keyframes.

The first MicroScribe Software for 3D Digitizing.

(Legacy Product: supported MAX R1 - R2.5 and VIZ R1 - R2. Current MicroScribe products and solutions are supported via the Scribe-iT family of products and MicroScribe software solutions)

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