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About GHOST 3D, LLC:

GHOST 3D, LLC is a California based 3D technology developer, production studio and service bureau (www.ghost3d.com). The company innovates custom techniques and productivity solutions for 3D modeling, 3D design, reverse engineering, 3D scanners, 3D digitizers, animation processes, rapid prototyping, DCC and CAD/CAM extensions, visualization and 3D visual effects. GHOST 3D's software solutions are used by product designers, game developers, engineers (biological to mechanical), scientists and researchers, entertainment and film artists, and DCC/CAD/CAM and visualization professionals who need to scan, design, create, animate, measure, edit, re-design, refine, convert and output 3d digital models. GHOST 3D is founded on superb engineering experience responsible for inventing unique 3D digitizing, surfacing and reconstruction solutions that are the first of their kind to be made commercially available to 3D design and animation markets. Subsets of these proprietary technologies and unique methods have been made available via custom development for hardware and software partners, OEM integration of branded solutions for hardware partners, brand-less licensing, and also commercial software and plug-ins for major 3D platforms. Commercialized products and services are available directly via GHOST 3D's web site, and through worldwide distribution and reseller channels. GHOST 3D also markets and sells proprietary and partnered solutions worldwide.

GHOST 3D assists a colorful variety of clientele across a broad specturm of industies and institutions.

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GHOST 3D, LLC Company Website - http://www.ghost3d.com
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Scribe-iT - 3D Digitizing and Reverse Engineering Software
MicroScribe 3D digitizer solutions website
G3D Systems - 3D Scanner and Digitizer Systems Website
To contact the G3D Systems Division about 3D digitizing, reverse engineering and other systems products and solutions: Please complete the G3D Systems Request form here...

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