S u r f - i T TM   -   3D Modeling Kit.

"So why Surf-iT?   . . .
How is it better than other 3D modeling tools?"

Surf-iT Advantages
Surf-iT offers distinct advantages over standard 3ds max modeling tools, NURBS, Meshsmooth, HSDS, and other modeling plugins - which help explain why 3d pros prefer the Surf-iT experience.

Please also read a few of the Surf-iT User Testimonials to learn how so many professionals agree that Surf-iT is a very useful and indespensible value for your 3ds max or Autodesk VIZ toolbox.

Here are the top ten reasons to add Surf-iT to your standard modeling toolkit: 

1.  Surf-iT offers superior Spline modeling tools to the latest supported host applications at an extremely affordable price, considering you get so many powerful tools and features in a superbly integrated user interface.

2.  Best Spline Editing and Spline Reordering Tools:  Surf-iT comes with a Spline Editor that lets you perform operations you cannot perform in MAX  with out it:  Join Segs is invaluable in instantly defining what segments make up a spline. This means you can reconfigure Bezier splines without hassles to figure out which vertex is overlapping another.  You can also easily avoid welding problems.  Other advanced features similar to NURBS add the power of NURBS to the more flexible modeling you can do with Bezier Splines and Surf-iT in MAX.  Surf-iT Connect-iT modifier offers spline reordering and order resetting, which combined with the Spline generation toggling, can be used to dynamically change the order of splines in a similar work flow to curve reordering in NURBS.

3.  Faster and Higher quality Surfaces:
Faster Calculations: Surf-iT can calculate a patch surface much faster than 3ds max standard tools or Surface Tools - even with its Anomaly Detection calculations on.  This can be as great as 4 to 8 times faster).  We have seen a range between 20% and 800% faster than 3ds max Surface modifier calculating the exact same source object.  This is a major advantage when animating the patch models or simply modeling at high resolutions.
Surf-iT Patch optimization: includes built in optimization and selectable high quality filters to take care of complex Spline/Patch layouts.  See for yourself:  Surface a complex spline model with standard 3ds max tools. Then, duplicate the same Splines and surface with Surf-iT. In most cases you will see that Surf-iT Patch models have many less polygons and vertices.  In some cases you will find that Surf-iT models have as little as 50% of the polygons of the same Spline cage surfaced with the 3ds max Surface modifier - with the same amount of surface detail applied!  Surf-iT intelligently removes redundant and unwanted faces every time. It's amazing! It's faster, and it's worry free.

4.  3D Spline Creation Tools:  Surf-iT has 3D Spline creation tools to assist in modeling. The spline objects are programmed with the optimal number and position of Bezier vertices along with the necessary vectors to create the appropriate form.  These forms whether primitive, secondary or advanced in essence can be easily snapped together with others or with free form spline curves you create yourself.  They can be edited and then surfaced in one shot with Surf-iT.   Therefore, they will save a huge chunk of the time it takes, for example, to create an 'arm', a 'leg' or even a 'head' designed with a minimum number of Bezier spline curves. 

5.  Surf-iT yields superior results in 3D spline surface construction via unique surfacing engine:  Surf-iT's industry tested technology produces optimal results in face construction, with 3D models including those that are constantly changing through production, or within animated sequences themselves.  Surf-iT is the product of intense professional research and development, allowing it to meet the rigorous demands of being used in proprietary game engine technology.  In Film and Video production markets extensive tests have been performed with real world modeling and animation cases.  All of those cases were surfaced by Surf-iT Patch accurately and automatically, with superior high resolution, whilst maintaining an optimized face and vertex count.  Over 65% of these cases cannot be properly surfaced by Surface Tools Surface modifier without the use of additional modifiers and/or editing. 

6.  Anomaly Detection: Quickly and comprehensively assists users in finding and fixing anomalies or problems in their source object to ensure optimal surfacing results.  This feature alone is being heralded by our users as a tool worth its weight in gold when it comes to advanced patch modeling.

7.  Surf-iT Mesh modifier:  Yields even much faster surfacing than the already fastest and optimal Patch surfacing in Surf-iT Patch.  Surf-iT Mesh can be invaluable when working with thousands of spline segments that you simply want a preview of now.  Then do the high end modeling with Surf-iT Patch when ready.  Having the added flexibility of the Surf-iT Mesh mod is powerful, and advantageous to games modelers and engineers/product designers requiring surfaces to be constructed with pin point accuracy from their source data (splines).

8.  Lattice subdivisions at the spline level:  Connect-iT includes u-spline subdivisions (other subdivisions scheduled for the future), which combined with the Segment-iT modifier (below Connect-iT) will generate the required amount of detail to interpolate curves in the source splines necessary to generate mesh models directly with Surf-iT Mesh.

9.  Continued Development Path for Surf-iT:  More importantly, Surf-iT is already scheduled to incorporate new spline creation tools that will give way to parametric character modeling.  There is already a strongly voiced interest and demand for our planned solutions.  This means current 3ds max users wanting advanced patch modeling can get the best in Surf-iT for any version of max for a fraction of the standard 3ds max upgrade cost, and still have a promising feature development and upgrade path. Our world wide customer base benefits from being able to update Surf-iT and add new features regardless of when or whether or not they migrate to the next release of 3ds max - and all at no additional charge!

10.  Work Flow:  It's all in the work flow...  Try Surf-iT today and see for yourself.  The tools are so well organized, and so powerfully and flexibly designed, you'll wonder how you got on without them!



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